About Me

Welcome to my page my name is Aleksey Lebedev, I am licensed Clinical Psychologist based in Prague. Since 2018, I have provided a number of specialized therapeutic services to those who require any kind of psychological assistance.

The range of services that I offer :

If you are looking for help in a form of counseling or psychotherapy, you've come to the right place. The services I provide include: consultation, general counseling, couples and family counseling, psychotherapy, help with children and parenting and/or any other psychological assistance related to mental health for example: stress management, conflict resolution, anxiety, depression etc.

In the course of my work I implement following techniques: cognitive-behavioral as one of the most effective to deal with various types of mental issues, humanistic approach by Carl Rogers and his concept of Self-Actualization, concept of existentialism that was first introduced by Søren Kierkegaard, elements of psychanalysis by Freud and Jung for clients with PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder) and psychological traumas, Gestalt psychology etc. In some cases, I may use creative methods of Art therapy (drawing or painting), as a means of communication.

During diagnostic procedure of any psychological disorder, as a general rule to thumb I avoid resorting to using DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) criteria at first, unless the client demonstrates symptoms very clearly from the start. In such cases when there are enough symptoms present or mental disorder is clearly present, I apply diagnostical criteria specified in the DSM and help client to understand all peculiarities of the psychological health. When there are no acute symptoms present, I concentrate on the client psychological state, mood, as well as psychological tendencies that the client can be presenting during the session. It gives me a possibility to identify the unique characteristics of client’s personality in order to further help unlock their potential and use it on stabilizing mental health. Thus, the entire therapeutic process is primarily aimed at establishing connection with the client and understanding the personal characteristics and temperament, and stay focused on the client’s psychological requests. My support can range from a one-time consultation to an extended consultation with therapeutic methods, it will always depend on the severity of the mental disorder and the client's wishes.

More about my specialization :

I was studying psychology for seven years. I have finished both Bachelor and Master’s program in clinical psychology at UNYP (University of New York in Prague). My diplomas are fully recognized and comply with EU standards and regulations. In addition to my vast theoretical knowledge in psychology, I had several different types of internships. During my master’s program years my internship took place as a counselor for students of UNYP. At the same time had an internship at the Bohnice Psychiatric Clinic. In addition, for three months I had participated in the assessment and analysis of the personal characteristics of Czech Airline pilots. Currently I work as private practice clinical psychologist.

All my work is aimed at helping my client to achieve the best possible psychological well-being and retain good mental health.